Hi! I’m Blake Mason, an Electrical and Computer Engineering PhD student at the University of Wisconsin–Madison

A typical Wisconsin winter

I am currently a PhD student in Robert Nowak’s lab the University of Wisconin–Madison. Before coming to Madison, I did my Bachelors in Electrical Engineering at the University of Southern California. Outside of my studies, I publish poetry, sing in the choir, and love to run!

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Research Focus:

My research is focused on developing new algorithms and theory for metric learning and active learning. I combine statistical and algorithmic tools to analyze metric learning from noisy pairwise comparisons, motivated by a collabortive project developing tools for personalized chemistry education at UW–Madison. I am also developing active methods for adaptive multiple testing and applying this to learning nearest neighbors and neighborhood graphs from noisy data. My research has been applied to study chemistry education in large classrooms, fertility and miscarriage, and preference graph detection.